Have You Got An Issue With Ants?

Are you concerned about a pest infestation of your home and property? Perhaps you’re new to the area and haven’t given much thought to the threat you face from local creepy crawlies. That is, until your neighbour recently experienced an invasion of ants! Now you start to wonder if you, too, are in need of quality pest control Redcliffe and surrounds.

As the saying goes, the first step in dealing with any problem is acknowledgement. When it comes to pest control, it pays for you to be informed and aware of what pests are living in your area. That way, you will be fully prepared to take the necessary action, such as calling on quality pest control Redcliffe services to inspect and treat your home.  

Queensland – Ants Love it Here Too!

With its long summers, plentiful rainfall, and mild winters, Queensland is a popular place to live. To the dismay of residents, those exact reasons are why pests love it too! Hence the importance and necessity of services such as quality pest control Redcliffe and beyond.

As one of the major pests in Queensland and all of Australia, ants are plentiful in both number and species variety. With the ability to sneak through tiny cracks and leave a scent trail for more of their cronies to follow, ants can be tricky to deal with.

Beat Your Ant Infestation With Quality Pest Control Redcliffe

As a result of differences in the nature and type of ant infestations, treatment methods vary depending on the specific species at hand – unfortunately, one size does not fit all. Subsequently, DIY treatments are rendered largely ineffective, as they also fail to target and destroy the ants not readily visible, such as hidden nests in and around your house.

If you were hoping to simply wait for your ant problem to disappear on its own, you could be waiting a long time – if not indefinitely! Did you know that many worker ants can live for four years or more? Furthermore, while some ant species seem relatively harmless aside from being an annoyance, others have a nasty sting. All it takes is one painful interlude with a bull ant, and you’ll be ready to take action! Engaging professionally conducted quality pest control Redcliffe (and elsewhere) enables the thorough inspection and correct treatment of the problem at hand.

For quality pest control Redcliffe, Caboolture, and up through to the Sunshine Coast, call on Palace Pest Control to ensure the safety of your home domain. As a family owned and operated business with more than two decades experience in the pest control industry, we’re focused on delivering professional services with utmost customer satisfaction. Contact us today on 0412 671 296, or get in touch via our website.

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