Don’t Suffer From “Mozzie Madness”

Mosquito Control Solution

Mosquitoes don’t have great reputation and understandably so. Mosquitoes are not just buzzy and annoying, and itchy and scratchy to us humans, they can also cause your pets and poultry upset too. Between the irritation of their bites through to the risk of disease, often we look for a temporary and smelly solution out of a aerosol can.

A professional mosquito treatment of your yard will encompass trees and shrubs, helping break the cycle and give you many weeks/months to enjoy the outdoors.

We also encourage mosquito prevention

Essentially, mosquitoes are looking for a source of water to lay their eggs plus vegetation and blood. Hence why outdoor pot plant plates, pet water bowls and small ponds are the perfect breading ground. Tip out/replace any pet water bowls/buckets on a regular basis to help discourage mosquitoes from taking up residence at your place.Mosquito Control

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