“Did you know that most house insurance policies
DON’T cover you for Termite Damage”

Protect Your Palace

Termite Treatment Caboolture. We are Certified Professionals Educated in termite biology and behaviour. Termidoor and Biflex are the main termite products we use and trust, both offering targeted treatment and proven effectiveness on termites.

We use the most environmentally friendly termite and pest control treatments and barrier protection for your home. Utilising the latest testing equipment, we’re backed by over two decades of pest inspection and control experience. 

Termite Services

  • Initial Termite Inspections and Infestation Assessment
  • Treatment of Termites and Treatment Plans
  • Subterranean Chemical Termite Treatments and Barrier Protection
  • Council Certificates

Termidoor Treatments for Termites
Biflex Termite Insecticide Low Odour

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