Termite Treatment Caboolture

“Did you know that most house insurance policies

DON’T cover you for Termite Damage”

  • Eradication or Prevention
  • Council Certificates
  • Termites Treatment 
  • Subterranean Termite Chemical Barrier Treatments

Protect Your Palace

Termite Treatment Caboolture. We are Certified Professionals Educated in termite biology and behavior. Altriset® one of a range of targeted treatments we can use is extremely effective on termites. Its unique chemistry is targeted so that it has little impact on the organisms you do want in your garden or backyard such as honey bees and earthworms. We use the best environmentally friendly termite & pest control treatment and barrier products and the latest testing equipment. This, combined with our 18+ years pest control experience and prompt and friendly service, sets us apart from other pest control companies. 


termidor authorised applicator

Let us put together a specialised treatment plan for you and protect your biggest asset!